January, the month of resolutions.  Many of us are focused on body image and weight after the holidays.  Too many of us make resolutions concerning them, only to watch them eventually crumble and fall.  When they do, we often hear that inner critic telling us what failures we are, we can’t do anything right, and how ashamed we should feel.  It’s vicious.

I hope that listening to your body is a resolution this year.  It will tell you what you need to know – how much and what kinds of food to put in it.  You may be out of practice, you may slip up, and you probably won’t be perfect at it.   Nonetheless, the more you become mindful of your body’s messages, the easier and more consistently you will listen to them.

It takes time and determination, so be patient with yourself.  I think that’s one of the best resolutions we can make for a new year – patience.  I’ve heard that there are no mistakes, only opportunities for learning.  Find out what you can learn about you this year.  It’s always a good education.