Spring is in the Air

Ah, Spring.  Greening, chirping, awakening, fresh. Truly a time of change.

Speaking of change, we often want to change something about ourselves, yet have no understanding of how to do so.  Regarding food and eating choices, we’ve tried and tried again with unhappy results.  Why can’t we do what seems so simple and easy for others?  Is something wrong with us?

No, absolutely not.  What we’ve been working under is faulty information which has produced a faulty belief system.  We’ve been taught, often from an early age, not to trust the messages that come from our bodies and brains.  Instead, we learned to listen to the messages outside ourselves.  No wonder we can’t get our bodies or eating patterns to do what we want!

Learning to listen to our bodies for hunger and full messages takes time and practice.  Staying away from outside messages, such as sizes, scale numbers, unrealistic body images, or even that children are starving in other countries takes determination and perseverance.  This is no easy task.

However, it is do-able.  Practice, practice, practice.  Be patient with yourself. Understand that this is a process – you didn’t learn this in a day, and it won’t be solved in a day.  The more you keep focused on your own self, though, the easier it becomes.

You can do this. I have faith in you.  And, always, hope ‘springs’ eternal.