Stick Shift

Starting something new or making a change requires patience, tolerance, and practice.  Whatever it is you want to do differently, this process is basically the same. It will go in spurts, stops and starts, forward and backward.  The positive in all this is that, although it may seem so at times, once you begin, you never again go back to square one.

It’s very much like learning to drive a stick shift car. In the beginning, you need instruction – someone has to tell you what hand and foot to put where, what all the pedals and gearshift are about, and what makes you move. After you’ve learned the components, you can begin, but it takes practice to become proficient at it.

This is where patience and tolerance come in. There is no doubt you will make mistakes, grind the gears, kill the engine, or roll backward down a hill. However, with time and practice, you will begin to make fewer mistakes, and it will become easier to recover from them when you do make them.

It’s the same for anything, whether it be changing the way you eat, starting a relationship, or adjusting to different perspectives from others. Give yourself time, be patient with yourself, and show tolerance at imperfections. Know that you will never do it perfectly, but you will do it correctly on a consistent basis if you continue to practice.

Change is inevitable in life. I think it will go more smoothly for us if we look at it as another opportunity to learn something new, about ourselves and our world. Of course, you can continue to battle against it, or you can embrace it and give it a go. Your choice.