Hangin’ Tough

Sometimes things just don’t go our way.  Life throws us a curve ball, rains lemons on our parade, or even stops us in our tracks.  Often, we can shrug it off, turn away, or ignore what’s happened.   At other times, though, not so much.

These are the times when we just have to hang tough.  We may not be too graceful at it, have the best manners, or turn the other cheek, as it were – all we have to do is get through to the next day.  Just hold on till the next day.

We as humans are messy creatures. When things go wrong, we may get even messier. Those are the times, to my mind, when it’s most important to be as caring as possible toward ourselves. We do the best we can, learn from the experience, and possibly we’ll be able to do it just a smidge differently if it happens again.

So, hang tough through the ups and downs, the troughs and crests of the waves we ride through the ocean of life. And grab any lifeboat that comes along – you never know where it may take you, but you might find a new and better adventure because of it.