Creative Dynamics Series


Do you –

            – have issues with self-esteem?

            – question your sense of value?

            – experience problems with self-care?

These three weekly 1 ½ hour workshops are designed to be fun while learning more about how to feel better about yourself in a safe, interactive way.

Through group feedback and specially-constructed activities, you’ll discover an enhanced self-awareness intended to help you become more defined as an individual while giving you the knowledge and tools needed to empower the true you.

Week 1 – Defining and understanding self-esteem

– Ridding yourself of old messages that have sabotaged your positive feelings about yourself.

Week 2 – Valuing yourself

– The power of your self-talk in making healthy, positive choices for your life.

Week 3 – The meaning of self-care

– How to achieve consistent self-care on all levels.



Do you —

     – feel like you’re not heard?

     – have trouble making yourself understood?

     – falter in communicating with others?

A fun, informative, and interactive workshop that will help you learn how and why communication between people often goes sour, and how to have a clearer exchange of ideas with anyone in your life.

These two 1 1/2 hour classes explore communication patterns that don’t work, and how to stay on topic assertively without being derailed onto tangents..

Week 1 —How communication falters and fails

—What clear communication dynamics looks like


Week 2 —Addressing your communication needs

—Learning about and changing what’s holding you back from being

heard and understood.



Do you —

     – feel misunderstood in your relationship?

     – fail to set and hold boundaries assertively?

     – lose yourself to the other person?

Remaining a whole person in relationships can be challenging.  Fear and anxiety often prevent your true expression of who you are and what you want from another person.

These three 1 1/2 hour classes clarify the concept of independent dependence, bring a new perspective to what makes a relationship work, and how to tell when a relationship is no longer working.

Week 1 – Realizing the surprising perspectives that make up a relationship

– How many people are actually involved

Week 2 – Establishing boundaries

– Learn what boundaries entail, how to set them up, and how to consistently keep them viable.

Week 3 – Giving in on a regular basis

– Why it’s important to be your true self in any relationship