How to Make Peace with Food–The Book

How To Make Peace With Food


Do you –

–   Eat when you’re not hungry?

 – Keep eating even after you’re full?

  – Believe some foods are “bad” while others are “good”?

  – Sneak food?

  – Believe the “right-sized” body will make you happy?

  – Think you’re a failure when you can’t make diets work?

  – Believe the only way to control your eating is through diets or exercise?

 If you answered ‘yes’ to any of these questions, you might be fighting a losing battle.


How To Make Peace With Food does not concentrate on calories, pounds gained or lost, or even on weight in general. Instead, it puts the focus on your individual body and its needs in a way that enables you to regain control over when and what to eat. By learning to listen to your body you gain the power to make the choices you want. You also learn the underlying reasons for being stuck in destructive eating patterns in the past, how to make healthier decisions in the present, and techniques to help you make lasting changes for the future.

Throughout the six weeks of this program you will explore topics such as acceptance vs. resignation, the diet dilemma, and using food and eating as problem solvers. You will confront the messages that have kept you stuck in non-natural eating patterns, and the fears and sabotage strategies you have employed which have kept you from breaking out of the lose-gain cycle of eating. Through education, personal examples, and practical experience you will learn why you eat in an out-of-control manner and will obtain the knowledge and skills needed to develop the eating patterns you want while gaining the awareness important for maintaining the changes you choose.

Concentrating on you as a unique individual who has become trapped under messages about food, body image, and eating that don’t work for you anymore, this workshop explores the concept of listening to your body in a way the many have found to be exactly what they’ve been looking for – something that makes sense to them in a world full of non-natural, deceptive messages about food and body image.

How To Make Peace With Food is not a weight-loss or diet program, nor is it just another support group. Rather, it is a structured program that helps restore people to natural eating patterns, allowing their own bodies to regulate food intake and return to the weight that’s healthiest for them.

With it you will learn about the unhealthy relationships and messages about food, eating, and body image that have kept you stuck in self-destructive cycles, while giving you the skills and awareness needed to end the battle and regain control.

How To Make Peace With Food  is one program that actually puts you back in control of your eating, thus empowering you to make your own rules about food choices.  It’s not for everyone, but if you are sick and tired of dieting and failing, this may be what you have been looking for.

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Here is what some graduates have to say:

“I was unhappy about my looks and my weight. I felt out of control.Now I can accept my body, yet know that I have the power to change it in a comfortable, realistic, in-control fashion.”

“I was so embarrassed and guilty about my eating.  Now my bingeing has stopped. This has been more in-depth than I expected.”

“I now have the confidence to eat the way I really want to.”

“I had a negative image of my body, appearance, and weight. Now I understand why I eat and I can stop and listen to my body to see if I’m really hungry.”

“After this program, I feel pretty damn good. Mirrors are no longer my enemy.”

“I was out of control with my eating. Now I know I am in control of my life.”

‘Your classes are invaluable.”